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A community for writers, filmmakers and other artists. Since Francis Ford Coppola launched the site more than twenty years ago, more than 100,000 creative works have been workshopped here.

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What Members Say

When I first became a Zoetrouper, in the summer of '98, the woman sitting across the table was living 6,200 miles away. We wrote a screenplay together, then a book, and now she's my wife. 22 of the best years of my life! [I'm contractually obligated to say that.] ;-) Other members have encouraged and helped me to publish other books, too. I've found several collaborators here, and even some trusty employees, so FFC's workshops have been the source of many wonderful things.

Alan C. Baird

Member since 2000

I find Zoetrope essential for furthering craft. There's a nook or cranny here for everything.

Jeff Rose

Member since 2000

It's impossible to overstate the importance of the Zoetrope Virtual Studios in my growth as a writer. I joined in 2000 as a complete novice. I would not still be writing today if it were not for the kind mentorship and encouragement of the talented and accomplished writers on this site. I owe so much to Zoetrope. It continues to be an excellent space for creativity and connection with other artists. Many thanks to Francis Ford Coppola and everyone involved.

Kathy Fish

Member since 2000

Twenty-one years ago, I found Zoetrope and boy was I lucky. Francis Ford Coppola gave us a site like no other. With Zoetrope great writers criticized my stuff and I paid attention to great benefit. My writing leapt forward with their help and not only that I now have friends worldwide. There is no better writing site anywhere and I believe Zoetrope beats many a university writing program and it costs you nothing. Join Zoetrope and reap the benefits of interacting with folk who know what they are doing. You cannot buy what you'll gain from this site and the people you'll meet. Try it, stick with it, and your writing will soar.

Six novels, a book of short stories, and five poetry books.


Member since 2001

2000: Joined as an upstart writing in his second language.

2016: A publisher of a literary magazine, a co-editor of literary anthologies, the author of a novel with a major NYC publisher, the author of a hundred plus published stories on 3 continents, and a judge of literary contests.

Thank you, my fellow writers and critics.

Mark Budman

Member since 2000

I first came to Zoetrope because after a twenty-five year hiatus, I wanted to be a writer again. Today, not only am I a far better writer than I ever expected, but have also been a fiction editor/anthologist and I treasure a dear group of writer friends who live all over the world.

Frank J. Hutton

Member since 2002

America can often seem overwhelming to a Hungarian like me, but the members of this website welcomed me and generously supported my creative efforts with their non-judgmental feedback and advice. I am so grateful to Mr. Coppola for providing this international forum and workshop!

Aniko J. Bartos

Member since 2000

One of my greatest pleasures in workshopping on Zoetrope has been recognizing talent in others, encouraging them and seeing them succeed.

William Brill

Member since 2000

Zoetrope News

Emilia Jones, Scoot McNairy Star in ‘Fairyland’ Adaptation for American Zoetrope

Sofia Coppola produced Andrew Durham's debut feature, with Geena Davis and Adam Lambert also in the ensemble cast.


Coda star Emilia Jones and Scoot McNairy have nabbed lead roles in producer Sofia Coppola’s Fairyland adaptation for American Zoetrope, with director Andrew Durham having just wrapped production on his debut feature.

Coppola and American Zoetrope acquired the screen rights to Alysia Abbott’s Fairyland: A Memoir of My Father, a coming-of-age account of Abbott growing up with her single father — widowed poet and gay activist Steve Abbott — amid the AIDS epidemic in 1970s and 1980s San Francisco.

Geena Davis, Adam Lambert, Cody Fern, Bella Murphy and newcomer Nessa Dougherty round out the cast for the movie adaptation. Veteran fashion and commercial photographer Durham penned the feature, which he directed and produced along with Coppola, Megan Carlson, Siena Oberman, Greg Lauritano and Laure Sudreau.

Nicole Shipley, Roman Coppola, Michael Musante, Laure Sudreau, Alysia Abbott, Jeff Sobrato, Jesse Ozeri, Sasha Shapiro, Anton Lessine, Gale Harold, Rebecca Gang, Susie Landau, Elena Baranova, Brooks Price, Eileen Spitalny, Karen Salveson, Mike Spitalny, Ryan Hamilton, Gary Hamilton and Ying Ye are executive producing.

Arclight Films is handling worldwide sales, while ICM is taking part in securing a domestic sale.

Davis is represented by CAA and Untitled Entertainment. Lambert is represented by CAA.

Fern is represented by CAA and 3Arts. Murphy is represented by WME and Sugar23.

Dougherty is represented by Models Inc. Talent Agency.

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