Contests: Screenplays 2018

Congratulations to the winner and finalists of the Fifteenth Annual American Zoetrope Screenplay Contest! From more than 1600 entries received, Judge Francis Coppola and the Zoetrope staff have selected a winning script. The winner and the top nine finalists are listed below, as are the semi- and quarter-finalists.

The winner of the contest will receive the grand prize of $5,000.

The winner and top nine finalists will be considered for representation by William Morris Endeavor, CAA, The Gersh Agency, Exile Entertainment, ICM, Oasis Media, UTA, The Radmin Company, Prolific Entertainment, Energy Entertainment, and Dontanville/Frattaroli. Their scripts will be considered for film option and development by leading production companies, including: American Zoetrope, Samuel Goldwyn Films, Fox Searchlight, Sony Pictures Classics, IFC Entertainment, Paramount Classics, Verisimilitude, Lionsgate, Icon Pictures, Lleju Productions and Films, Second and 10th, Working Title, Dimension Films, Frelaine, Michael London Productions, Hope for Film, Kulture Machine, Number 9 Films, Folo Films, Pretty Pictures, Roserock Films, Benderspink, Astrakan Films, Industry Entertainment, Anonymous Content, Jim Wedaa Productions, Robert Evans Company, Fortis Films, Jean Doumanian Productions, Agape Media International, FX, and Ziskin Productions.

Thanks to all who entered. We are grateful for the opportunity to read your work.

Our next contest will open in June 2019; check back at this website for details and guidelines in May 2019.

Grand Prize Winner

Starshine and Clay
by Kendra Arimoto
Aptos, CA


And She Flies
by Sarah Warren
Los Angeles, CA
by Carlos Marulanda, Carlos Isael Gutierrez
San Francisco, CA
Company Town (Pilot)
by Samantha Levenshus
Santa Monica, CA
by Joanna Glum
Sacramento, CA
by Garette Henson, Laurie Savage
Brooklyn , NY
The Fast Break
by Sam Thomas
Decatur, GA
The Secret Lives of Youtubers
by Britain Valenti, Patrick Wells Valenti
Los Angeles, CA
The Show
by Obiageli Odimegwu
Los Angeles, CA
The Waiting Dead
by Meryl O'Connor
Brooklyn, NY


by John Mahony
Sydney, Australia
by Charlotte Cameron
London, UK
From the Heart (Pilot)
by Melissa Silva
Brooklyn, NY
Hitorikko (Only Child)
by Linda Pine
Los Angeles, CA
Lyre (Pilot)
by Amanda Prentiss
West Hollywood, CA
Oil and Water
by Alfred Thomas Catalfo, Morgan Webster Dudley
Dover, NH
Old Time Girl
by Evelyne Tollman-Werzowa
Los Angeles , CA
Our Land of Silence
by Sarah Crowley
Yosemite, CA
Prairie Gothic
by Gary Rhodes, N/A
Orlando, FL
Punker and Prophet
by M. V. Montgomery
McDonough, GA
by Stephen Bell, J. Brett VanderMale
Los Angeles, CA
Saviors and Butchers
by Bradley Snedeker
Los Angeles, CA
Singularity (Pilot)
by Julian Winter
Sioux Falls, SD
The Carrington Affair
by Devon Lehr
Los Angeles, CA
The Sleeping House
by Suzanne Griffin
Brooklyn, NY
Tock Tick
by Tom O'Leary
Renton, WA
by Jayne Leadbetter
Sydney, Australia


A Better Place
by Katterina Powers
Scottsdale, AZ
A Handful of Fire
by Conor Simpson
Los Angeles, CA
A Sea Like Glass
by Jennifer June Strawn
Los Angeles, CA
Anna Dandy and the End of the World
by Suzanne Faber
Chicago, IL
by Marilyn Freeman
Olympia, WA
Black Orchid
by Mike Wilson
Los Angeles, CA
Broken Aesop
by Allee Pitaccio
Aptos, CA
Business Class
by Kyle Gillis
Sterling Heights, MI
by Randall Zuniga
La Mesa, CA
by Jennifer Fox
Los Angeles, CA
Emma's War
by Jo Afton, Glenn Mitchell
Mars Hill, NC
For Dear Life
by Andrew Bast
Brooklyn, NY
by Austin Kase
Brooklyn, NY
Izabela's Violin
by Jessica Silvetti
Los Angeles, CA
by Kate Young, Kim Walker
Colorado Springs, CO
King Without a Kingdom
by Wiktor Grodecki
Prague, Czech Republic
Little Miss of Darke County
by Gary Krebs
Fairfield, CT
Long Call
by Andrew Ferguson
Los Angeles, CA
Meridian Response
by Kevin Staake
Brooklyn, NY
by Sal Baldenegro
Tucson, AZ
Safe Word
by Ariel Ehrlich
Bainbridge Island, WA
by Alexis Blaess
Oakland, CA
by Collin Kornfeind
Astoria, NY
Southie Won't Go
by Jared Goodman
Brooklyn, NY
Space Junk
by Richard Bailey
Monticello, IN
Speaking Spanish (Pilot)
by Alejandro Ramirez
Los Angeles, CA
Such Times as These
by Elliott Ohannes
Seattle, WA
The Boys: Name of the Game
by Michael Farrell , N/A
St Annes , United Kingdom
The Carrier
by Jared Goodman
Brooklyn , NY
The G.O.A.T.
by Sid Grey
Playa Vista, CA
The Memphis Mafia
by Jason Williams
Henrico, VA
The Romantics
by Theodore Contreras
Long Beach, CA
The Stranger
by Katherine Oostman, Carolina Garrigo
Los Angeles, CA
Wild World
by Anne Carmack
Santa Monica, CA
by David Heinz
Los Angeles, CA