Contests: Screenplays 2017

Congratulations to the winner and finalists of the Fifteenth Annual American Zoetrope Screenplay Contest! From more than 1600 entries received, Judge Francis Coppola and the Zoetrope staff have selected a winning script. The winner and the top nine finalists are listed below, as are the semi- and quarter-finalists.

The winner of the contest will receive the grand prize of $5,000.

The winner and top nine finalists will be considered for representation by William Morris Endeavor, CAA, The Gersh Agency, Exile Entertainment, ICM, Oasis Media, UTA, The Radmin Company, Prolific Entertainment, Energy Entertainment, and Dontanville/Frattaroli. Their scripts will be considered for film option and development by leading production companies, including: American Zoetrope, Samuel Goldwyn Films, Fox Searchlight, Sony Pictures Classics, IFC Entertainment, Paramount Classics, Verisimilitude, Lionsgate, Icon Pictures, Lleju Productions and Films, Second and 10th, Working Title, Dimension Films, Frelaine, Michael London Productions, Hope for Film, Kulture Machine, Number 9 Films, Folo Films, Pretty Pictures, Roserock Films, Benderspink, Astrakan Films, Industry Entertainment, Anonymous Content, Jim Wedaa Productions, Robert Evans Company, Fortis Films, Jean Doumanian Productions, Agape Media International, FX, and Ziskin Productions.

Thanks to all who entered. We are grateful for the opportunity to read your work.

Our next contest will open in Summer 2018; check back at this website for details in May 2018.

Grand Prize Winner

"Caroline's Wedding"
by Easmanie Michel, France-Luce Benson, and Darcy Miller (New York, NY)


"Anh Sang"
by Barry Brennessel (Silver Spring, MD)
"Ascension (Pilot)"
by Jordan Trippeer (Los Angeles, CA)
"Aurora Falls (Pilot)"
by Kadyn Michaels (Los Angeles, CA)
"Hope Street"
by Ali Zahiri, Amisha Patel (Santa Monica, CA)
by Heidi Scott (Hyattsville, MD)
"Other People"
by Meedo Taha (Beirut, Lebanon)
"Post No Bills"
by Robin Hays (North Vancouver, Canada)
"The Field"
by Sally Fowler (Brooklyn, NY)
"The Violinist's Daughter"
by Shelly Drancik (Chicago, IL)


"A Delicate, Scientific Instrument"
by Sameer Butt (New York, NY)
by Todd Rhys-Roosevelt (Burbank, CA)
"Big Future Ahead"
by Rick Mashburn (Winston-Salem, NC)
"Café Herrenhof"
by William Parolini (Wake Forest, NC )
"Daisy (Pilot)"
by Ian Baaske (Chicago, IL)
"Garden of Delight"
by Paul Grammatico (El Cerrito, CA)
"Last of the Burly Girls"
by John Pisano-Thomsen (Toronto, Canada)
"My Life with Dali"
by Anna Synenko (Runcorn, United Kingdom)
"Once Upon A River"
by Haroula Rose (Chicago, IL)
"The Journey "
by Lilia Hine (Santa Barbara, CA)
"The Mona Lisa Caper"
by Gina Cresse (Acton, CA)
by Yann Blondel (Montreuil, France)
"Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound"
by Sean Lynch (Berkeley, CA)


"13 East"
by Enrique Posner (New York, NY)
"A Perpetual Kind of Funk"
by Christopher Baca (Albuquerque, NM)
"An American Tragedy"
by Jackson DeLoach (Compton, CA)
"Black Car"
by Will Reese, Sean London (Los Angeles, CA)
"Bodey's Banner"
by Ernestina Juarez (Austin, TX)
by Maya Slouka (Brewster, NY)
"Choosing Flight"
by Jason Urban (Tucson, AZ)
"Cricket Song"
by Evelyne Tollman-Werzowa (Los Angeles, CA)
"Crossing the Cowhouse"
by David Lykes Keenan (Austin, TX)
"Did You Learn to Love?"
by Paul William King (Mill Bay, BC, Canada)
"Doing Our Best"
by Emme Harris (Summit, NJ)
by Kym Mosley (Howard Beach, Queens, NY)
by Benjamin Sandford (Melbourne, Australia)
by Jason Kessler (Austin, TX)
by Sheldon Shaw (New York, NY)
"In the Money (Pilot)"
by Joe DeLuca (Montclair, NJ)
by Matthew Minson (Houston, TX)
by Timothy Tau (Los Angeles, CA)
"Little Girls"
by Zoe Cheng (Los Angeles, CA)
"Lonely Creek"
by Jared Raun (Los Angeles, CA)
by Denka Wangdi (Bellaire, TX)
"Napoleon (Pilot)"
by Kevin Karp (London, United Kingdom)
"On the Wing"
by Lynn Esta Goldman (San Francisco, CA)
by Lawrence Bogad (Berkeley, CA)
by Pia Chaudhuri (Sydney, Australia)
by Weam Namou (Sterling Heights, MI)
"Republic (Pilot)"
by Faith Liu (Los Angeles, CA)
"Runaway Ship"
by Theodore Soderberg (San Francisco, CA)
"Scandal of the Century"
by Betsy Burke (Madrid, NM)
by Paige Penningroth (Cedar Rapids, IA)
"Soul In Exile"
by Michael Culver (Lopez Island, WA)
by Alexa Green, Jacob Garber (Pittsfield, MA)
"The Flower Hunter"
by Danny Sheehy (Brisbane, Australia)
"The Grand Alchemist"
by Maria Soriano (Valley Village, CA)
"The Lumps"
by Corina Maritescu (Los Angeles, CA)
"The Plague Doctor"
by Daniel Paasch, Jeremy Westrate (Trinity, FL)
"Title IX"
by Mona Lynch (Laguna Beach, CA)
"Truth Against the World"
by Denise Meyers (Mars Hill, NC)
by Stacey Asip (New York, NY)
"With Child"
by Geoff McGee, Doug Detwiler (Euless, TX)
"Young Aleister Crowley (Pilot)"
by Greg Wayne (Toronto, Canada)