Contests: Screenplays 2016

Congratulations to the winner and finalists of the Fourteenth Annual American Zoetrope Screenplay Contest! From more than 1600 entries received, Judge Francis Coppola and the Zoetrope staff have selected a winning script. The winner and the top-nine finalists are listed below, as are the semi- and quarter-finalists.

The winner of the contest will receive the grand prize of $5,000.

The winner and nine finalists will be considered for representation by William Morris Endeavor, CAA, The Gersh Agency, Exile Entertainment, ICM, Oasis Media, UTA, The Radmin Company, Prolific Entertainment, Energy Entertainment, and Dontanville/Frattaroli. Their scripts will be considered for film option and development by leading production companies, including: American Zoetrope, Samuel Goldwyn Films, Fox Searchlight, Sony Pictures Classics, IFC Entertainment, Paramount Classics, Verisimilitude, Lionsgate, Icon Pictures, Lleju Productions and Films, Second and 10th, Working Title, Dimension Films, Frelaine, Michael London Productions, Hope for Film, Kulture Machine, Number 9 Films, Folo Films, Pretty Pictures, Roserock Films, Benderspink, Astrakan Films, Industry Entertainment, Anonymous Content, Jim Wedaa Productions, Robert Evans Company, Fortis Films, Jean Doumanian Productions, Agape Media International, FX, and Ziskin Productions.

Our next contest will open in Summer 2017; check back at this website for details in June.

And keep an eye our for a new contest from Zoetrope: The Coppola Director's Short Film Contest, coming in spring 2017 at

Grand Prize Winner

"Poppy (Pilot)"
by Munis Rashid (Sugar Land, TX)


"Before Life"
by Edson Shundi Oda (Los Angeles, CA)
by Bret Polish (Los Angeles, California)
"Face Value"
by Gretchen Somerfeld (Los Angeles, CA)
"Give up the Ghost"
by Tarik Karam and Peter Bognanni, Peter Bognanni (Brooklyn, NY)
"Miss Juneteenth"
by Channing Godfrey Peoples (Fort Worth , Texas)
"Purify My Heart"
by Kate Hackett (Glendale, CA)
by Evan Cathcart (Brooklyn, New York)
"Sunshine (Pilot)"
by Adrian Casas (Los Angeles, California)
by Natalia B. Megas (Fairfax, Virginia)


"A Quiet Woman"
by Jack Zafran (Granada Hills, California)
by Robbie Robertson (Columbia, SOUTH CAROLINA)
"Black Conflux"
by Nicole Dorsey (Los Angeles, CA)
by Simon Wilkinson (Thornton le Dale, England)
"California City"
by Emma Williams (Redondo Beach, California)
"Casually Dying"
by Aviva Peltin (Seattle, Washington)
by Mono Ghose (London, U.K.)
"Downtown Rod Brown"
by Kyle Christopher Cadman, Kyle Cadman (Sherman Oaks, California)
"Dreem Pussy"
by Winnie Cheung, Olen Holm (Brooklyn, NY)
by Keith Planit (New York, NY)
"For What It's Worth"
by Charlotte Cameron (UK)
by Susan Ashley (Sherman Oaks, California)
"Lily's Ghost "
by Cheryl Drake Harris, ERIN Drake-Prior (Menlo Park, CA)
"Love And Heroin"
by Katie Cocquyt (Moorpark, CA)
by Marc Cubelli (Boonton Township, NJ)
by Angela Berliner (Los Angeles, CA)
by David Liu (Los Angeles, California)
"Sideways Down the Sky"
by Barry Brennessel (Silver Spring, MD)
"The Green Detective"
by Dominic J. DeJoseph
"The Wild Ones"
by Chris Dingwall (Sydney, Australia)


"A Rembrandt in Brooklyn"
by Monroe Katz (Napa, California)
"A Thinner Man"
by Michael Jackson
"About Her"
by Christopher Anthony Buerkle (Hilliard, Ohio)
by Daniel Judson
"Cigar Box Letters"
by Douglas Spaltro (Burleson, Texas)
by Chris Tedrick (Astoria, New York)
by David Carlo Steyn (Pretoria, South Africa)
by Anya Beyersdorf (OTFORD, Australia)
"Eastern Son"
by Young-Sun Kim (Oakland, CA)
by Hadley Griffin (Montgomery, Alabama)
"Empty Sleeves"
by Robb Wilson, Phillip Rushing (Glendale, California)
by Ernestina Juarez (Austin, Texas)
"Hammer of Witches"
by Michael Napoliello, Maria Frisk (Manhattan Beach, CA)
"In Aeternum"
by Sean N. Riley
"Kill or Cure"
by Charlotte Cameron (UK)
"Kingdom of Paradise"
by David James (San Diego, California)
"Lomax & Leadbelly"
by Eric Rawson (Pasadena, CA)
"Lysistrata Cell"
by Lisa Scott (Washington, DC)
"Moss Point"
by Mitch Bradford (Los Angeles, CA)
"One more day"
by Jason Bowers (Great Britain)
"Project Athena"
by Belinda Robertson (Oceanside, California)
"Riding Halley's Comet "
by Idella Johnson, Ann McQueen
by Amy C. Maki (SANTA FE)
"Rue Pigalle"
by Jessica Dianne Shields (New York, New York)
"Sophie & Valentina"
by Lucy Luna (Los Angeles/Mexico City, California/Mexico)
"Sundeep Goes Viral"
by Amanda Farmer, Brent W. Graham (Austin, Texas)
"The Americas"
by Christopher Dye (Washington D.C.)
"The Bonsai"
by Jason Whiton (Mill Valley, CA)
by Michael Davies (Bristol, United Kingdom)
"The Girl From San Francisco"
by Annie-Laurie Gilsdorf (Denver, CO)
"The Jungle"
by Rachel J Beard (Bangkok, Thailand)
"The Lighthouse"
by Neal Dhand (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
"The Nations"
by Jill Bayor (Los Angeles, CA)
"The Property"
by William Patrick Bourne (San Francisco, California)
"The Warfield"
by Lisa Christine Della Rocca (Pittsburg, CA)
"The Winning Ticket"
by Oliver Evangelista (Waikoloa, HI)
"To The Children of The World"
by Ken Kobayashi (Los Angeles, California)
"Virgin Killers"
by Tannaz Hazemi (Brooklyn, NY)
"Zero Sum"
by Iain Marcks (Brooklyn, NY)