Contests: Screenplays 2015

Grand Prize Winner

"48 Hour Fire"
by Hennah Sekandary
Irvine, CA


"A Hopeless Sprint"
by Brandon Constantine
Teaneck, NJ
"Ballerina Girl"
by Evan Cooper
Los Angeles, CA
by Ashley Quach
Alhambra, Ca
"Low Tie"
by Brynach Day
LA, Ca
"Loyal Americans"
by margaret Dane, Peter Nicholson
East Sheen, Lo
by John Andrew Whitcher
Toronto, ON
"My Father's Secret Funeral (In The Castro)"
by Jason Romaine
Los Angeles, CA
"The Bow and The Arrow"
by Owen Nicholls
"The United States vs. John Arthur Johnson"
by Ougie Pak
new york, ny
"While You're in Church"
by Nemanja Karadzic
Toronto, ON


""Little Girl Found""
by Julian Awoonor Renner
New Rochelle, NY
"American Outlaws"
by Katherine Griffin, Jon Bachmann
Playa Vista, CA
"An Honorable Profession"
by Andrew David Irvine, n/a
Kelowna, BC
by Stephanie Han
Morganville, NJ
"Cold Abandon"
by Matthew Gerard OConnell, Story by M. Cody Clark & Matthew O'Connell
Los Angeles, CA
"Dance of the Blessed Spirits"
by Matt Pacini
Roseville, CA
by Amanda Elaine Keener
Oak Island, NC
"Hollywood Love"
by Naweed Malik
Ajax, ON
"Hunting Grace"
by Robert Eric Randall, none
Round Rock, TX
"Jacob's Ocean"
by Jan Evans
Altadena, CA
by Anayat Fakhraie
Los Angeles, CA
by David Elliot Soll
Brooklyn, NY
"Mark of the Apprentice"
by Nancy Zafris, Meredith Doench
Columbus, OH
by Orlando Manuel Callegari
Glen Ridge, NJ
"Play With Me"
by Brandon Jeffrey Hutchinson
Duarte, CA
"Rag Doll"
by John Kestner
Peoria, AZ
"Santa Boy"
by Gary Geyer
Laguna Niguel, CA
by Hasmik Ekimyan
North Hollywood, CA
"Thank You Clifford Irving"
by Christian Cote
"That Boy in the Wheelchair"
by Scott R Parker
Chicago, IL
"The Fire Bug"
by Adrian Diamond, n/a
Stevenson Ranch, CA
"The Interrogator"
by J.C. Carleson
Redding, CA
"The Offended Ancestor"
by Daniel Steven Duvall
Westlake, OH
"The Sad Triumph Of Caroline Norton"
by KT Parker
"Thursday, After School"
by Tom Radovich
Monroe Center, IL


"A Gentleman of Good Hope"
by Christina Hulen
Los Angeles, CA
"A House Divided"
by Robin Xavier Kirkpatrick
Los Angeles, CA
"A Step From Utopia"
by Jason Shomer
Glendale , CA
"Aliens Anonymous"
by charlie hunter
paradise valley, az
"American Breakdown"
by Paul Schattel
Asheville, NC
by Joseph Ramunni, None
Easton, PA
"Bruno Del Bosque"
by Hernan Jimenez
New York City, NY
by paul d cunningham
Block island, RI
by Charles James Richardson
Natchitoches, La
by Jeff Thomas
Richmond, VA
"Darktown Blues"
by Ruth Knafo Setton
Allentown, PA
"David Boder"
by Jason Ruscio
Los Angeles, CA
by Howard Slater, None
San Anselmo, CA
"Dirty Back Road"
by Matt Clemons
New York, NY
"Dreaming in Croatian"
by Kim Zaninovich
Richmond, VA
by Paul Alexander Julian
Carrboro, NC
by Thivanka Rukshan Perera
Cupertino, CA
by Stephen Leach
"Fortress of Ephemera"
by Eric Phillips Christopherson
Wooster, OH
"Get Me This William Shakespeare"
by Pearse Lehane
"Girls In Ice House"
by Linda Barbara Morganstein
Saint Paul, MN
by Missak Artinian
Glendale, CA
"Hell 'N' High Water"
by Zack Harding
Metairie, LA
"Like a Motherless Child"
by Jesse Soursourian
Brooklyn, NY
"Lock Eyes"
by Bodine Boling
Brooklyn, NY
"Love Thy Father"
by Jessie Isabel Villa
Chula Vista, CA
"LUCKY 13"
by Denise Elaine Meyers
Mars Hill, NC
"Markarian 502"
by Harry Tyler Kleinman
Biloxi, MS
by Carrie A Wachob
seattle, wa
"Out Of Focus"
by Selina Maldonado, Julie Christine
by Robert (George) Austin Rossi
Signal Hill, CA
"Red Runners"
by Tracey Leanne Bradley
Strafford, MO
by Rudy Roopchan
Morrisville, PA
by johnny jerome Postell, n/a
Plantation, Fl
"Second Chance"
by James Hancock
by Dylan James Wright
Los Angeles, CA
"She Bop"
by Nile Seguin
Toronto, ON
"Six by Six"
by Douglas James Lynch, None
Lancaster, OH
by Matthew Minson
Spring, TX
by Ernestina Juarez, William C. Bailey
Austin, TX
"The Adventures of the Velvet Cat"
by Bob Canning
Petaluma, CA
"The Beauty Thief "
by Derek Cameron Liakos
Los Angeles, CA
"The Body Man"
by Chloe Vaughan Sabbs
South Hadley, Ma
"The BOY on the BUS"
by Matia Anne Karrell
Los Angeles, ca
"The Brew Angels"
by Peter B. Barton
New York, NY
"The Deserter's Trail"
by Jeremy Alexander Rafuse
Winnipeg, MB
by Andrea Brusa
Milan, -
"The Life of Kiyoshi Tanimoto"
by Zack Sigel
Brooklyn, NY
by Joseph Vincent Musso
Birmingham, AL
"The Meeting Trees"
by Kristen Jane Tsetsi
Manchester, CT
"The Seventh Rule"
by Zackary Drakeson Hill, Matthew D. Riffle
Hamilton, OH
"The Suicidal Bride"
by Miguel Angel Martinez
Calgary, AB
by Alexandru Stanescu, Mihai Miron
"The War of the Redwoods"
by Kevin Collins
San Francisco, Ca
"Tokyo Calling "
by Antonio Leonel Salinas
Jacksonville , FL
"Under the Shade of Kites"
by Ja'far 'Abd al-Hamid
by Kendell Courtney Klein
Toluca Lake, Ca
by John Curtis Moran
"Wolfram's Folly"
by Tyson Breuer
Grand Bend, ON