Contests: Screenplays 2014

Grand Prize Winner

by Mark J Stasenko (Los Angeles, CA)


"All Night Autumn Winds Being Heard Behind the Mountains"
by Jannette Bloom (Los Angeles, CA)
"Baron of Havana"
by Alex Simon (LA, CA)
"Blood Rules"
by Kelleigh Greenberg-Jephcott, Dominic Jephcott (Los Angeles, CA)
by Ned Farr (Venice, CA)
by Alex George Pickering (Los Angeles, CA)
by Sebastian Middle, NONE (Studio City, CA)
"Lost in a Sense"
by Robert Eric White (North Hollywood, CA)
"Off Duty"
by Sameer Butt (New York, NY)
"The Dutchman"
by Michael Montgomery (London)
"Zero Sum"
by Peter Kimball (Playa Vista, CA)


"Animal Among Us"
by Jonathan Michael Murphy (Toluca Lake, CA)
"Art Show"
by Eric Anderson (Los Angeles, CA)
"Basic Psyche"
by James N. Tucker (Piitsburgh, PA)
"Black Market Baby"
by Fiona Jane Lyall (Glasgow)
"Butterflies & Lightning"
by Katherine Griffin (Playa Vista, CA)
"Chasing Oblivion"
by Zackary D. Hill, Matthew D. Riffle (Hamilton, OH)
"Framing Fatima"
by Missak Artinian (Glendale, CA)
"Graveline & Radar"
by Monty C Buckles (Los Angeles, CA)
by Viliam Babjarcik (Chicago, IL)
by Jeremy McCann (Denver, CO)
"Love and Deceit"
by William L Simon (Los Angeles, CA)
by Paul Pawlowski (Glen Ellyn, IL)
by Mehul Desai (Leicester)
"String Theory"
by Vincent Accettola (New York, NY)
"The Day The World Changed"
by Alican Serbest (Istanbul)
"The Naughty List"
by Randall C Willis (Toronto, ON)
"The Reach"
by Gavin Broady (Brooklyn, NY)
"The Ripper"
by Zach Grossman (Los Angeles, Ca)
"The Taste of Fire"
by Jonathan Brooke Thompson (East Moriches, NY)
"Travis 6"
by Christopher Bowen (Wilson, NC)
"Tyler Texas"
by Patrick Sullivan Norman (Allen, TX)


by Richard Edson (Los Angeles, CA)
by Paul Pawlowski (Glen Ellyn, IL)
"A Woman (Untitled)"
by Charles William Lane (New Rochelle, NY)
"All That The Eyes Can "
by Jonn Lander, None (Flagstaff, Az)
"Bad Luck Charm"
by Robert Wheaton (Pasadena, CA)
by J.D. Morris (Cold Spring, NY)
"Brothers and Kings "
by Dennis Santaniello (Vineland, NJ)
by Aaron Klapwald (New Providence, NJ)
"BURNER: What Went Wrong in Palm Springs"
by Bob Canning (Petaluma, CA)
by Lynne McMahon, Zachary Santos (Chicago, Il)
"Call Me Claudia"
by Kevin Palys, ---------------------------------------------------------- (Beverly Hills, CA)
by Elizabeth Jane Copeman (Stratford, ON)
"Chavez Ravine"
by scott lettieri (san francisco, ca)
"Clean Break"
by Matthew Zoni (Ossining, NY)
by Mark Edward Bremhorst (Redondo Beach, CA)
"Cole & Mika"
by Young-Sun Kim (Oakland, CA)
"Constellation Highway"
by Allison Johnson (Aliso Viejo, CA)
by Edward Klau (Los Angeles, CA)
"Crumbling Stone"
by Mary Mungovan LaMont (Des Plaines, IL)
by D C Sayre (Melbourne, FL)
by Sherry Lynn McGuinn (Elgin, IL)
"Double Cross"
by Matthew Leonard McInerney-Lacombe (New York City, NY)
"Fair Play"
by Michael Pica, Nicholas Kaleel & Tanya Gluzerman (Elk Grove Village, IL)
by William Dickerson, Dwight Moody (Los Angeles, CA)
by Marc Olmsted (Oakland, CA)
"Goodbye, Bobby Duncan"
by Thomas Dillon (New York, NY)
"Got Lost / Gom Sho Deh"
by Saman Ghanbar (Austin, tx)
"Hands of God"
by Chris Smith (Los Angeles, CA)
by Andrea Brusa (Los Angeles, CA)
"How Katrina Slate Came of Age, Despite her Best Efforts"
by Brian Kindregan (Long Beach, Ca)
"In Chicago"
by Jack Lawrence Mayer (Los Angeles, CA)
"In the Grip of Shadows"
by Marni Sullivan (Burbank, CA)
by Dane Edward McCauley (Burbank, CA)
by Mark J. Rose (Simi Valley, CA)
"Matt's Grace"
by Mark J. Rose (Simi Valley, CA)
"Medal of Honor: The First Mission"
by Duke Mulligan (San Anselmo, CA)
"Mighty Micah"
by Lesley Suel Kim (Seongnam)
"Moirai: A Memoir"
by Stacie Gancayco-Adlao (San Ramon, CA)
by David Mintzer (Brandon, Fl)
"Next Year"
by Gavin Broady (Brooklyn, NY)
"No Alternative"
by William Dickerson, Dwight Moody (Los Angeles, CA)
by David Alexander Flores, N/A (Los Angeles, CA)
by Jason Martin Grainger (Los Angeles, CA)
"Philanthropy, Etc."
by Mark Brendan Murphy (Van Nuys, CA)
by S. Michael Gutierrez, Brian Wilkins (Chapel Hill, NC)
"Piss Tank"
by Kathryn Mockler (Toronto, ON)
by Nancy Elizabeth Bannon (Bethesda, MD)
by Johnny Jerome Postell, N/A (Plantation, Fl)
"Rock Tarpeian"
by Salvatore Anthony Bono (Lakewood, CO)
by Gianluca Cavaleri (Whitestone, NY)
"Scots Irish"
by Michael William Corcoran (Los Angeles, CA)
"Sector X"
by Jack Slaymaker, Zachary Mason (Avondale, AZ)
by James Jackson (Corpus Christi, TX)
by Aldo Mario Paternostro (London)
by Eli Joel Standing (London)
"So the Sign Said"
by Amy Natasha Osteen , Paul Ghiglieri (Dallas, TX)
"Spitting Image"
by Jake Daniel Trischler (Chicago, IL)
"Still Life with Kittens"
by Vito Michele Roppo (San Pedro, CA)
"Suicide Boy"
by Laura Hainke (Alameda, ca)
by Chris Spilioe (St. Hubert, QC)
"That's Where the Money is"
by guillaume campanacci (west hollywood, ca)
"The Beginning Of The End and The End"
by David Clarke Lambertson (Fountain Valley, Ca)
"The Big Middle"
by Chris Aaron Tolley (Abingdon)
"The Color Black"
by Robert Michael Kane (Valley Village, CA)
by Elizabeth Naughton Moore (San Francisco, CA)
"The Deal"
by Brian Fox (Richmond, VA)
"The Ghost of Ten"
by Sally Elizabeth Vacca (Statesville, NC)
"The Great Divide"
by Stacy Kristine McCrory, John Brumm (Santa Barbara, CA)
"The Handyman"
by Eddie Velez (Burbank, CA)
"The Icarus"
by Michael Easton (Los Angeles, CA)
"The Last Job"
by Robert Casella (Alameda, CA)
"The Last Witch"
by Brian Kindregan (Long Beach, Ca)
"The Line"
by Donan Whelan (Culver City, CA)
by Jose Claudio Millen de Magalhaes (Orlando, FL)
"The Marsh Wolf"
by Daniel Steven Duvall (Westlake, OH)
"The Revolt of the Whales"
by Michael John Rhodes (Austin, TX)
"The Seance"
by Lee Thomas Kehoe, N/A (London, --)
"The Sportsbook"
by Brian Petkash, Tony Macklin (Tampa, FL)
"The Unknown Drone"
by Jonathan Mindes (OAKLAND, CA)
"The Untouchables Touch"
by Linda Breneman (Seattle, WA)
"The Wild Kindness"
by Tamar Glezerman (BROOKLYN, NY)
by Miguel Antonio Drayton (Los Angeles, CA)
"Thy Kingdom Come"
by Tim Hewitt (London)
"Until Death Do Us Part, A Love Story"
by Larry Bumgarner (Nokomis, Fl)
"Urbs In Horto"
by Cypriana Weisman (Schaumburg, Il)
"Waiting for Turandot"
by Dave Kyle Brown (Walnut Creek, CA)
"Wayfaring Stranger"
by Stephen McLean (Downingtown, PA)
"When We First Met"
by Johanna Alexandra Factor (Los Angeles, CA)
by Abu Bakr Shawky (New York, NY)