American Zoetrope

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The Bling Ring


Inspired by actual events, a group of fame-obsessed teenagers use the internet to track celebrities' whereabouts in order to rob their homes.

Rebecca Katie Chang
Marc Israel Broussard
Nicki Emma Watson
Laurie Leslie Mann
Chloe Claire Julien
Sam Taissa Farmiga
Emily Georgia Rock
Ricky Gavin Rossdale
Marc's Mom Stacy Edwards
Rob Carlos Miranda
Henry G. Mac Brown
Adam Doug DeBeech
Shannon Erin Daniels
Judge Henley Patricia Lentz
Rebecca's Mom Janet Song
Grandma Marcia Ann Burns
Mr. Hall - Marc's Dad Marc Coppola
Rob's Mom Yolanda Lloyd Delgado
Las Vegas Plainclothes Officer Nelson Rockford
Kate from Vanity Fair Annie Fitzgerald
Police Officer #1 (Nicki's) Lorenzo Hunt
Police Officer #2 (Nicki's) Rich Ceraulo
Police Officer (Rebecca's) Joe Nieves
Wasted Boy Bailey Coppola
Police Officer #1 (Marc's) Timothy Starks
L.A. Detective #1 Marshall Bell
Police Officer Arresting Rob Linc Hand
Dogwalker Brian Gattas
Beach Girl Maika Monroe
School Girl Halston Sage
Drunk Girl Isabel Lasker
Party Girl Adea Lennox
Kid at Party Logan Miller
Female TV Reporter #1 Michelle Alegria
Female TV Reporter #2 Stacey Turner
Paris Hilton (herself) Paris Hilton
Director Sofia Coppola
Producer Sofia Coppola
  Roman Coppola
  Youree Henley
  Darren M. Demetre
Executive Producer Michael Zakin
  Darlene Caamano Loquet
  Emilio Diez Barroso
  Francis Ford Coppola
  Fred Roos
  Paul Rassam
Editor Sarah Flack
Cinematographer Harris Savides
  Christopher Blauvelt
Art Director Kevin Bird
Costume Designer Stacey Battat
Production Designer Anne Ross
Set Decorator Sara Parks
Makeup Roz Music
  Gillian Whitlock
Sound Roy Waldspurger
  Ronni Brown
  Heather Gross
  Richard Beggs
  Michael Kirchberger
  William Storkson
Hair Shelley Brien
  Sha Page
  Alyson Black-Barrie