American Zoetrope

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Gardens of Stone


It was a dangerous time to be young. An impossible time to be a hero. and The story of the war at home and the people who lived through it.

Clell Hazard James Caan
Lieutenant Webber Sam Bottoms
Flanagan Laurence Fishburne
Don Brubaker Bill Graham
Homer Thomas Dean Stockwell
Mrs. Feld Carlin Glynn
Rachel Feld Mary Stuart Masterson
Wildman Casey Siemaszko
Colonel Godwin Erik Holland
Navy Captain Terry Hinz
Lieutenant Colonel William Williamson
Soldier #1 Mark Frazer
Soldier #6 Marshall Sizemore
Wedding Friend Hajna O. Moss
Chaplain Arthur V. Gorman Jr.
French Waiter Daniel R. Suhart
Betty Rae Lonette McKee
"Goody" Nelson James Earl Jones
Samantha Davis Anjelica Huston
Jackie Willow D.B. Sweeney
Slasher Williams Dick Anthony Williams
Pete Deveber Elias Koteas
Colonel Feld Peter Masterson
Editor Terrence Currier
Daughter Lisa-Marie Felter
General Joseph A. Ross Jr.
Blue Lieutenant Grant Lee Douglass
Soldier #2 Terry Foster
Soldier #7 Steve Barcanic
Arlington Woman Penny B. Ernst
A.N.C. Driver Louis Rangel
Director Francis Ford Coppola
Screenwriter Nicholas Profitt (Novel)
  Ronald Bass
Producer Michael I. Levy
  Stan Weston (Executive Producer)
  Jay Emmett (Executive Producer)
  David Valdes (Co-Executive Producer)
  Francis Ford Coppola
  Fred Roos (Executive Producer)
Editor Barry Malkin
Cinematographer Jordan Cronenweth
Original Music Carmine Coppola
Art Director Alex Tavoularis
Costume Designer Judianna Makovsky
  Willa Kim
Production Designer Dean Tavoularis
Set Decorator Gary Fettis
Sound Marian Wilde (Foley Editor)
  Richard Beggs (Sound Designer, Supervising Re-Recording Mixer)
  Joseph F. Brennan (Boom Operator)
  Richard Hymns (Sound Effects Editor)
  Dennie Thorpe (Foley Artist)
  Randy Thom (Sound Re-Recording Mixer)
  Tom Bellfort (ADR Editor)
  Thomas Causey (Sound Mixer)
  Louise Rubacky (ADR Editor)
  Jim Weidman (Music Editor)
  Gloria S. Borders (Supervising Sound Editor)
  Tim Holland (Sound Effects Editor)
  Ronald Jacobs (Dialogue Editor)