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Sam Adams = Sam Adams Books
Beverly Akerman = Beverly Akerman's blog
Jennifer Amey = smartygirl
Ann M Amodeo = Zen of Writing
scott amundson = Scott the Writer
Zafar Anjum = Dream Ink
Nick Antosca = brothercyst
jackie ashton = Writing Blog
Patti Auburn = Auburn Daze
Nonnie Augustine = Augustine's Confessions
Grant Bailie = Flux Factory Novelist in Residence
Alan C. Baird = Snoozeletter
Radley Balko = TheAgitator.com
Gregory Banks = A WheelMan's View
Tom Barlow = Blogging Ohio
Chris Bartholomew = Static Movement
Anikó J. Bartos = \\\ BackslasherBlog.com \\\
Anne Bauer = Verbivore
Matt Bell = Dancing On Fly Ash + Zoetrope Bloggers Web Ring
Melissa Bell + Anne Chudobiak + Tricia Dower + Steven Gajadhar +
Tamara J. Lee + antonios maltezos + j a mcdougall +
Andrew Tibbetts = Canadian Writers Collective
Erik Keith Benson = erikbenson.com
Robert Bentley = Tales from a Screenwriting Hack V.2
Gwenda Bond = shaken & stirred
Alicia Bourassa = Behind Glass
Theresa Boyar = k1tchenwitch
Lloyd J. Boyd = jaselljo u
Jason Bradbury = moblog
t.k. brinkley = My life what it is, my mind a dream
Debra Broughton = Nothing to write home about
Daphne Buter = Writing and surviving in the Netherlands
Freddie Byies = isv666's Journal
Jack Cameron = Dark Days for Those With Brains
Paul Campbell = Scriptuality
Don Capone = Capone's Hit List
Ginger Hamilton Caudill = Chicken Scratches
Clara Chandler = Chill Out With Clara Chandler
Indira Chandrasekhar (+ others) = Out of Print
Suw Charman = Chocolate and Vodka
Mark Terence Chapman = Tesserene Dreams
Deborah Marie Chessey = living in a dream
Kim Chinquee = Bliggidy Blog
Dave Clapper = SmokeLong News
jai clare = The Cusp of Something
Stephan Clark = Everybody I Love You
Matthew James Clayfield = Esoteric Rabbit Films
Myfanwy Collins = r e a d
Rebecca Cook = what she says
Richard Allan Cooper = Satori Kick
Christopher Paul Coppola = Made A Difference For That One
Mark W Cravens = Twice-Focused
Stan Crocker = Most Amazing Day
K. Cutter = The Dezi and Jaiden Show (and Quigley)
Saheli Datta = Musings and Observations
Genie Davis = All the World's a Page
Alyson Dayus = Xanga Site
Katrina Denza = Illuminate; Ruminate; Create
Linda M. Donovan = Rhetorically Speaking
Chris Duncan = Chris Duncan's blog
Jilly Dybka = Poetry Hut Blog
Xujun Eberlein = Inside-Out China
Vince Eckert = Telling stories and playing with girls
Kimberley Dayle Edwards (Nicole) = The Lone Ranger
Ginny Evelyn Eggleston = Ginny's Many Words You Shouldn't Live By
Pia Z. Ehrhardt = Pia's Nest
Heather Eigler = Phantom Keyboard
Anne Elliott = Ass Backwords
Glen Engel-Cox = immediacy
Leslie Irish Evans = The Leslie Show
Luke D. Evans = Spying on me?
Shaula Evans = The Black Board
Sean Farragher = The Poetry, Fiction and Notes
Christina Ferguson = My Life In Photos
Diana Ferraro = The Continental Blog
Michelle Garren Flye = Vision
Geoffrey Fox = Literature & Society
Francis Robert Foy = Francis Robert Foy's Amazon Blog
Fran Friel = Yada Feast
Missy Frye = It Is Written
Cliff Garstang = Perpetual Folly
Linda Geenen = PokerWorks.Com
Anatole Ghio = Anatole's Penthouse
Julia Glassman = wingedthing
Ken R Goldstein = Random Thoughts, Notes & Incidents
Barney Govan = Democracy Wail
Robin Grantham = Bellibean's
Meridith Gresher = Talking To Grief
Marcus Grimm = Certain Intelligence
Debra Hamel = book-blog reviews
Jeremy Harrison = Artistic Delusions
Chase Hart = $10 Promise
Kristen Havens = The South Land
Jennifer Henderson = ..Little girl with *stars* in her eyes..
Susan Henderson = LitPark
Kellie Herson = Mr. Wilcox, I am Demented!
Tony L Hines = Chocolatey Goodness
Carrie Hoffman = GLORY!blog
Vincent Holland-Keen = bad news blog
Scott Holstad = Passionate Indifference
Andrew Tristan Hooks = It's a Dreary World, Gentlemen
Leigh Hughes = Tha Blog
Sharon Hurlbut = Field Notes
Anne Marie Jackson = anisoara writes
Beverly Jackson = Jackson's Actions
Grant Jarrett = Grant Jarrett's Amazon Blog
peggy johnson = peggiesbooks
Jeff T. Kane = Down Supremacy
Steve Kane = The Mostly Official Blog
Nicole Mary Kelby = Blog
Anita M. Kelley = Neeter Skeeter's Journal
Faith Knutsen = LMFortease
Kathryn Koromilas = Kathryn Koromilas' blog
Maya Kóvskaya = ПРО ЭТО 关于这个 About This
Daniel Kronlid = International Conflict & Change
Shirley Kwan = heretica blog
Laila Lalami = MoorishGirl
Charles Lambert = A place for everything that doesn't fit anywhere else
Victor Lana = Journal
Darby Larson = darby.tv
Elizabeth Lawrence = Memosaic
Alex G. Lee = Different Voices
Richard Lewis = Reading James Joyce's ULYSSES for the first time
Joyce Lin = Becoming Taiwanese
Jessica Lipnack = Endless Knots
Stefanie Lotker = In The Desert
Marc Lowe = mal0ev0luti0n
Jennifer Macaire = Diary of an artistic housewife
P. H. Madore = Lampshadian Musings
Dennis Mahagin = 4 Hour Hard On
David Maney = Boy to World
Shelley F. Marlow = Shelley Marlow's blog
Sean Martin = High School Musicals -- the Origins
MaryAnne McCollister = Jujugirl
Jason F. McDonald = The Big Idea
Scott David McIntosh = The Regular Staple
Brad McKay = Timely Commentary
Lisa McMann = five point five
Dan McNeil = The McNeil Variations
Ellen Meister = Diary of a New York Lady
Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz = gwen notes
Chris Monks = utter wonder
Roger Norman Morris = rogersplog
Georgiana S Nelsen = sunrises and such
Brett Nicholson = a bucket of love
Renee K Nicholson = Life with RA
Louise Norlie = Louise Norlie's blog
Carol Novack = I am not who I think I am or is it whom?
Sue O'Neill = Sue O'Neill's Amazon Blog
Daniel A. Olivas = La Bloga
Patricia Parkinson = Canadian Chick
Erik Peeters = Living with God for Dummies
julio peralta-paulino = ink realm
Carol Peters = Carol Peters ablogging
C.C. Petersen = The SpaceWriter's Ramblings
Jennifer Prado = Blog of an Unknown Writer
RJ Pterals = lines can haunt you
Paul Redman = ping pong
Ecks Ridgehead = Tales From The Ridge
Julie Riso = Incarnating the Countess
Deanna Rittinger = Point of View
John David Robinson = Written by John D. Robinson
Maria Robinson = The Split Infinitive
Jordan E Rosenfeld = Jordan's Muse
Jim Ruland = Vermin on the Mount
Monideepa Sahu = Moni's Nook
Behlor Santi = Death By Writing
Mark Sarvas = The Elegant Variation
Fred Schoeneman = fredschoeneman.com
Rohan Seivwright = Slave Revolt
Kay Sexton = Writing Neuroses
Jason C Shaffner = Retired at Twenty-Nine
Julie Ann Shapiro = Open Salon Blog
Tomi R Shaw = Pointing
James Sherrett = Up in Ontario
Mark A Shoat = sho@
Adam Justin Silver = Goof Mouth
Robin Slick = In Her Own Write
Erik Smetana = Writer
GC SMITH = GC's Blog
Michael Philip Smith = Now in technicolour!
Craig Snyder = ethereal code
Adam Spellicy = From Script To Screen?
Kevin Spence = My Stupid Journal
Kelly J Spitzer = Kelly Spitzer's blog
Matt St. Amand = Inside the Hotdog Factory
Maryanne Stahl = Is It Lyme or Does My Body Just Suck Lemons?
Michael Thomas Standaert = The Periscope
Deb Stone = Iambiguation
Craig Terlson = woofreakinhoo
Joseph T Thayer = Fiction Journal (Editors' Blog)
Sian Thomas = Quicksilver Muse
Goro Takeda = Asian Movies and Stuff
Lydia Theys = FarmFront: Planning a Sustainable Farm-Centered Community
Jim Tomlinson = writer's journal
Paul A. Toth = TothWorld
Nina Tryggvason = Random Ntrygg
Ed Touchette = Ed Touchette's Amazon Blog
Ed Turner = Ed's Olde Tyme Array of Frabtabulous Amazery!
Nathan Tyree = Ventilation
Shawna Van Arum = The Narrative Journey - Adventures in Writing
marc van fucht = Morbidey's Blog
Leslie Van Newkirk = Web Journal
Bijoy Venugopal = First Drafts
ania vesenny = writing on baffin island
Gunter S Voelker = The Unbearable Peanut
William Wallo = Wallo World
Bradley Warshauer = The Oracle Project
Elissa Washuta = The Manticore's Biographers
Katie Weekley = Katie Weekley's blog
Cynthia Webb = Coyote Underground
Donald A. Whalen = Nothing Like Love in America
Jensen Whelan = Slouching towards Healthiness
Scott Whiteley = Unexplodedscotsman.com
Jessica Wickens = Wickens full of the Dickens
Carl "Glen" Glenwood Williams = Art Machine
David N. Wilson = The Deep Blue Journal
Justine Wilson = Journal
Molara Wood = Wordsbody
Wayne E Yang = Eight Diagrams
Joseph Young = Baltimore Interview
Lori Young = One Whipped Mother
Bonnie ZoBell = West Coast Literary Doings
Claire Zulkey = Zulkey.com :: Diary

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