Thanks to all those who entered the 2010 Short Fiction Contest. We appreciate the opportunity to read your work.

From more than 2,500 entries, guest judge Andrew Sean Greer honored the following stories.

First Prize
"Rarities of Unfathomable Worth" by Joe B. Sills (Charlottesville, VA)

Second Prize
"Hunger" by Sarah Donachie (New York, NY)

Third Prize
"30 Below" by Sandra Hunter (Woodland Hills, CA)

Honorable Mentions
"Cracolándia" by Chris Feliciano Arnold (Washington, DC)
"Bums" by Andy Bailey (Venice, CA)
"For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her" by Michael Anthony Balatico (Evanston, IL)
"Marvels Sands" by Emma Duffy-Comparone (Portsmouth, NH)
"Drums" by Mahesh Kumar Rao (Mysore, India)
"Cut-Out" by Sarah Elizabeth Schantz (Boulder, CO)
"Pereira, 1981" by Juan Felipe Vidal (Margate, FL)

First prize is $1,000; second prize $500; and third prize $250. The prizewinners and honorable mentions will be considered for representation by the William Morris Agency, ICM, Regal Literary, the Markson Thoma Literary Agency, Inkwell Management, Sterling Lord Literistic, Aitken Alexander Associates, Barer Literary, the Gernert Company, and the Georges Borchardt Literary Agency.

The winning story, "Rarities of Unfathomable Worth" by Joe B. Sills, has been published at this website as a special online supplement to the Spring 2011 issue.

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