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The Virtual Studio is a submission destination and collaboration tool for filmmakers—a community where artists can submit and workshop original work. It's also the best e-resource for information about the Coppola family and American Zoetrope.

What you see now is only a tiny portion of the site. Join now to begin exploring all we have to offer. Membership is free. If you have questions that you would like answered before joining the site, please email us. Please note that messages sent to this address for the Coppola family or the production department will not be forwarded.


In March of 1998 Francis Coppola launched a website where writers could submit their short stories to his magazine, Zoetrope: All-Story. A community of writers quickly formed around the website. It became so popular so quickly that a few months later he created sites for novellas and screenplays.

The Virtual Studio, which launched in June 2000, brings together the original sites as departments, plus includes new departments for other creative endeavors. Members can workshop a wide-range of film arts, including music, graphics, design, and film & video, as well as access some of the best e-collaboration tools. This site is the culmination of more than four years of work.


By submitting work to the Virtual Studio, you are participating in a thriving workshop environment designed to help refine your craft. You'll receive invaluable feedback, collaborate and network with other artists, and market your services to potential buyers. All submissions will be made available to American Zoetrope and other member production companies, contingent only on your participation in the workshop. The cost is free and the benefits unlimited.

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